About Us

We have experience in managing production and implementing minor improvements through Kaizen.

At some point, we realized that the flow of information is already done, but it consumes a lot of human resources at the stage of data collection and processing.

We decided to digitize this information flow. Unfortunately, the solutions available on the market were beyond our financial reach and required adjusting the entire organization to the software offered. So we decided to use our programming experience and create software tailored to the processes of our production company.

To reduce costs, we decided to use open source software. The hours spent in front of the computer have resulted in two independent applications that we want to share with others.

Our Team:


Programmer: Python, JS, SQL, Full-Stack Developer, likes water sports


Programmer: Java, Embedded, C, Full-Stack Developer, in his spare time – plays American football and electric guitar


Graphic, Web Designer, hobby – loves play piano and water sports